Climate Change and Conflict

Course Description:

Resource Person:DR. ERIA SSERWAJJA

Connecting climate change and conflict depends on how people assume inevitably drives violent conflict. The underlying assumptions are not always made clear when argument linking violence and climate change are presented. This module is designed for the fellows to understand how climate can transfer resource bases and so produce conflict and how climate changes could constitute a threat to peace stability.

Aim: To provide learners with the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them appreciate the intricate relationship between climate change and conflicts, causes and impacts of climate change-induced conflicts at local, national and international levels in the contemporary period.

Objective: To equip learners with key climate change and conflict related concepts (climate change, environmental security, environmental refugees); relationship between climate change and conflict, why climate change, its causes and impacts on communities.

Scope: Key concepts related to and link between climate change and conflict, drivers and differentiated impacts on men, women and children and the environment; coping and adaptation to climate change. Also, focus on specific case studies: wars over trans boundary resources (river Nile and Ganges in India); inter and intra-family and clan conflicts over land and water resource; farmer herder conflicts in the Sahel; environmental migrants, IDPs and refugees (Buduuda and Bulambuli districts in Uganda and Cyclone Idai in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

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