Democracy and Conflicts in Africa

Course Description


Democracy encourages peaceful interaction among states to overcome conflicts, this course will bring out the intersection of democracy and conflict, focusing on the theories of democracy and the academic thoughts and ideas on the intersections of democracy and conflicts in Africa.

Aim:  To enable fellows understand the relationship between democracy and conflict in Africa.

Objective: To familiarize fellows with principles of democracy and conflict in Africa

Scope: Through PPT presentations, group discussions, case study, textual analysis, Policy labs and experiential session, the course will cover a range of topics including, theories of democracy and conflict, ideas and thoughts of different school of thought related to democracy and conflict in Africa.

References and Readings

-Collier Paul, Rohner Domnic (2008). Democracy, Development and Conflict, Journal of the European Economic Association, University Of Oxford.

-Paul Collier (2010). Wars, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places London: Vintage Books.

-Walter Barbara (2015). “Why Bad Governance Leads to Repeat Civil War, Journal of Conflict Resolution, 59-711.

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