Human Rights and Governance in Africa

Course Description

Resource Person:DR. ZAHARA NAMPEWO

Human rights and good governance may appear today as Quasi Utopian goals in many Countries. The integration of human rights and democratic principles into external policies was articulated to develop, Identify limitations to governance in Africa and how these affect enjoyment of human rights at regional and national levels, this course is designed to  explore key ideas, concepts and themes in human rights, Understand the paradigm of human rights and its relevance in Africa including an African contextualization of the same, the institutional framework to the protection of human rights especially at the regional level (procedures and mechanisms used at the regional level to protect and promote human rights and the roles and functions of different institutions and the challenges to human rights enforcement in Africa focusing on governance regional protection of human rights is facing.

Aim: To critically examine the relationship between governance, human rights, democracy and conflict in Africa.

Objective: To provide a critical review of the link between poverty, political economy and violence in Africa, with the aim of identifying opportunities for achieving positive peace and development. Given the need for practical skills in conflict prevention and resolution,

Scope:  Fellows will be given the opportunity to develop and practice skills in Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration, Facilitation and Dialogue through simulation exercises. The module will analyze the pathways that lead to violent extremism in Africa as well as approaches to preventing and countering it. Finally, in this module, participants will explore the dual role media plays in conflict situations.

References and Readings

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