Natural resources and conflict in Africa

Course Description

Resource Person:DR. PAUL MUKWAYA

Natural resources as a “blessing” ‘or “curse’’ where conflict emanating from as being rooted in scarcity or abundance. This course is designed to cover the following topics the connection between natural resources and conflict with focus on oil, land, gold, timber, minerals such as gold, diamonds, water, studying governance and natural resources conflict basing on case studies of different African countries, theoretical debates (greed versus grievance) and possible solutions to the resource-led conflicts.

AimTo provide leaners with the competence to appreciate the complex ways in which natural resources kindle and fuel violent, or otherwise, conflicts on the African continent and beyond.

Objective: Equip learners with the conceptual grounding (Dutch disease; resource) and theoretical debates (greed versus grievance) that would, in turn, help them understand the kindlers, convoluted impacts and solutions to natural resource conflicts.

Scope: Inextricable connection between natural resources and conflict with focus on oil in South Sudan and Nigeria (Niger Delta), land, gold, timber and diamonds in the DRC and Diamonds in Sierra-Leone; land and the connection to the 1994 genocide Also, causes and major theoretical debates (greed versus grievance); and a range of possible solutions to the resource-led conflicts will be discussed.

References and Readings

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