Anne Nkutu

Anne Nkutu is a multi-disciplinary social scientist with 17 years experience in Gender & Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Civil Society enhancement, Human rights and Governance issues, Programme management and Organisational Development obtained from a career with government, development agencies and consultancy work. In the course of her work, Anne has engaged with a variety of audiences ranging from community groups to policy makers and donors and has in the process honed her research, facilitation, analytical, presentation and documentation skills.

Anne is well versed with all cycles of the project cycle from identification, appraisal, programme formulation and monitoring and evaluation. Anne has extensive experience working with international donors in designing data collection tools and developing and applying indicators for social and political change. Anne has particular strengths in the training of local CSOs in basic M and E skills, the development of performance indicators, the preparation of monitoring reports, and identifying best practices. Anne also has significant experience on voice and accountability issues having engaged with several CSO organisations and networks focusing on strengthening the demand side of accountability through rights awareness, civic education, networking and resource monitoring efforts. She has been engaged in institutional / organisational development processes aimed at enhancing the role of CSOs; and particularly, those of CSO networks (at regional & national levels) in policy advocacy and engagement with government (national and local). She is thus well versed with the requirements of this assignment.