Dr. Veneranda Mbabazi

Dr. Veneranda Mbabazi

Acting Principal, College of Humanities and Social Sciences and former Dean, School of Women and Gender Studies.

Has over 20 years of teaching Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University in the field of feminist theory, gender and politics, livelihood, and cultural studies.

Extensive experience in feminist research and has published widely in the fields of gender and politics, labour, and cultural studies. Recent publications include a co-edited book titled Controlling Consent: Uganda’s 2016 Elections published by Africa World Press, Trenton, US, co-edited book entitled:

Gender Poverty and Social Transformation: Reflections on Fractures and Continuities in Contemporary Uganda published by Fountain Publishers, Kampala, and authored a book entitled:  Localised or Localising Democracy:

Gender and the Politics of Decentralisation in Contemporary Uganda.  Associate Member of the African Gender Institute (AGI) and the Council for Development of Social Research in Africa (CODESRIA).