PDG Mike Kennedy Sebalu

He is the Past District Governor for D9213 (2023) and a member of the Rotary Club of Bukoto, where he served in various capacities, including being president in 2012.
He is a strong supporter and contributor to the Rotary Foundation. In that regard, he is a Major Donor level 2, a member of the Bequest Society, a Paul Harris Society member, and a benefactor to TRF. He is a leader with a knowledge base that is informed by good education, experience, exposure, and expertise. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Master of International Relations and Diplomatic Studies, and a Doctorate of Business Administration.
He has previously served as a Constituent Assembly Delegate who enacted and promulgated the 1994 Uganda Constitution. He was a member of the 7th Parliament of Uganda.
He was awarded the Golden Jubilee Medal in 2012 as Uganda celebrated 50 years of independence. He served in the inaugural Pan African Parliament, based in South Africa.
He served for two terms at the East African Legislative Assembly, based in Arusha, Tanzania.
He was a member of the East African Legislative Assembly Commission, which is the administrative organ of the
Assembly. He was one of the eminent members of the African Peers Review Commission.
He was a member of the East African Community First tracking committee. He is the executive chairman of the A-Plus Group of companies.
He is the chairperson of St. Lawrence University.
He chairs and serves on a number of governing boards of both government and corporate institutions at the national, regional, and continental levels.